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Workshop Times

Our workshops run weekday evenings Monday - Wednesday and weekends, the days/workshops vary so always check before you book.
Most evening classes run 7pm-9pm and weekends are 11am-4pm unless otherwise stated.

Evening classes don't suit me, do you/will you run classes during the day?
The simple answer is no. In general, I do not and won't be, running group classes during the day, I leave day times free for bookings from community organisations.
You can, however, book one-to-one or private group (for you and our friends) at times to suit you, including day time*
One-to-one sessions are £35.00 per hour and bookable in blocks of two hours.
Private group sessions start at £180 + materials


Where are you based?
Sew Swansea is located at Unit 11, Elysium Studios, 34a Orchard Street, Swansea SA1 5AW. The studios are situated above Volcano theatre with the entrance to the back of the theatre in Orchard Street.

We also offer a 'travelling service' to cater to private group parties or to hold classes for other organisations, where we bring all of our sewing kit to you if you chose that package,  please contact us if you'd like to arrange this or view our Community Classes page.

Please note we do not come to private homes to teach. There is no exception to this.


I have questions, how can I reach you?
 You can reach me via the 'contact us' page here on the website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email. I don't like phone calls. At all. Ever.
Please be aware that my admin days are Monday and Tuesday and it is on these days that I reply to messages - even if I am posting classes online on other days.


What does the workshop/class/course fee cover?
Here at Sew Swansea we want to make it as easy as we can for you to take part in our workshops. Our fees cover most materials, where possible, and the supplies needed to make your chosen project, insurance, the cost of the use of our machines and the cost of maintaining them to keep them in tip top condition etc. I try my best to include as many of the materials you need for the project in the workshop price, to help avoid additional costs to you, sometimes, as with dressmaking, for example, this is not always possible but in cases where you need to supply your own materials it will be clearly stated in the workshop description and I can assist you in terms of fabric types and places to buy from.

Do you offer discounts or concession rates?
Unfortunately, as a small,  independent, business I am unable to offer discount rates to individuals. If this changes in the future I will add discount options to classes where possible. I am however constantly reviewing my pricings and try to give the very best value that I can.

Do I need my own sewing machine?

No, for the majority of the classes you use one of our workshop machines. The only exceptions to this are the 'sewing machine surgery' workshops which are for teaching you the basics of your own machine, and 'sew social' crafting events, although there is an option to hire one of our machines at a small additional cost for this event. 

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately the studio is up a flight of stairs and there is no lift access in the building.

You mention refreshments are available in some of your class listings, do you cater to special diets, like veganism?
Not specifically, we supply basic tea/biscuits for students, these are free of charge and optional, you are of course more than welcome to bring yourself something if you have specific requirements.

If you have allergies that are affected by being in close proximity to certain things, please let us know and we will do our best to make sure they are not present during your class.

Can my child come to a class?
Nope, we run adult-only workshops that aren't suitable for children to attend. We have, in the past run specific child-friendly classes but this is not something we offer any more as our focus is on creating an empowering adult female-oriented space - and a lot of the time the conversation is 'adult' and swearing happens. Please note this also means your child can not tag along and sit in during classes.


Why are your classes so expensive/more than others locally?
In short, I don't believe they are.
I value my skill and time and expect you to, too. But it's more than that, my classes aren't the same as anyone else's, they are small and informal, relaxed, sweary yet gentle. They are as much about the skills you learn - that has taken me nearly 20 years to gain and share with you, as they are about building you up, encouraging you and helping you to gain confidence. 
They are also about valuing yourself, they might appear expensive if you don't think you are worth the investment. Spoiler alert - YOU ARE!
They are also run from my large fully equipped studio - this costs to run and maintain, I have to make examples and buy materials for each class, this again also costs money and there is the fact that I deserve to get paid.
Believe it or not, it is very hard to earn a living wage doing my job.

I can't make the class I booked, can I swap to another date or get a refund?
I wrestled with this one but came to the decision that I will not offer refunds or transfers for classes that are not attended, missed or you change your mind about.
I put a lot of work into my preparation for each workshop and you being unable to make it, be that by forgetting, double booking, or just not turning up on time doesn't change that or remove the costs involved, so no, refunds and transfers are not accepted.

I'm running late, can I just be let in when I arrive?
My classes run at 7pm-9pm, in the evenings and from 11am on weekends, I expect all participants to have arrived NO LATER than 5 mins before the start of the class.
The studio building has no public access, which means I have to let everyone in so I ask that you arrive on time so I can bring everyone up together.
Due to insurance restrictions, I can no leave people unattended in my studio so I will not come back down to let in latecomers - plus, it's kinda rude not turning up on time.
If you have made a commitment to attend the class, it is your responsibility to ensure you know the correct address of the studio (34a Orchard Street - there are 4 Elysium buildings in Swansea so make sure you are at the right one) and that you arrive on time.











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